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Boom Again

Ready for a change? Is it time to keep that promise about getting off the couch and back into shape? If you're a baby boomer and are ready to boom again, we're ready to get you rolling This is 12-week program built for men and women who want to return to fitness or improve their current level of fitness through triathlon, supported by coaching and in the fellowship of people who share your goal. The program will have you ready to compete in a triathlon in 2010. The group will meet once a week to work on specific skills and techniques to develop swimming, biking and running ability. Athletes will also receive a 12-week program of daily workouts established by Kinetic Motion coaches.

Begins March 18
Cost: $375

Kinetic Motion Coaching

Unique is an overused word, but Kinetic Motion coaching is so different from other coaching that we're tempted to apply that word to what we do. For starters, we begin with a thorough analysis of your starting point. Are there bio-mechanical issues that might cause injury down the line? Are there nutritional issues hold you back? If you ride a bike, does it fit you correctly? We put you on the path to success at the outset. We don't believe in the step ladder pricing that gives athletes more access to their coach if they pay much more. All of our athletes can email, call or visit as often as they like. We think more communication makes for better results. In addition to regular conversation with our online athletes, we also want to be there for those who live in the region for face-to-face consultation, to ride, run or swim with you and offer analysis of your progress and tips on improvement. We work with you to develop goals and stick with you so that you can achieve them. You receive a personal daily workout that spells out how to do it and includes tips to maximize your performance. It comes in a weekly schedule that you log on to, and there is a section for you to record your results and comments. Those remarks go directly to your coach when you hit the button. Finally, when our athletes want to race in far away places, we will help with all your travel arrangements so that you get to the starting line anxiety free.

Kinetic Motion Coaching: $150 per month.
Six-month package: $900
Annual package: $1,600
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