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The Indoor Winter Rides Are Coming Back!!

WHAT'S THE COST: TBD - Check back soon
HOW DO I REGISTER: Click on the PayPal emblem at the bottom of this page
WHERE: 2152 Renard Court, Annapolis
WHERE ON EARTH IS THAT: Off General's Highway tucked behind the Bowling Alley

   Our indoor ride is a series of progressive build workouts (in other words, they get harder each week!). Though we respect spin classes, our rides are intended to prepare athletes to compete in triathlon and cycling. While they are plenty entertaining, our rides are more purpose-driven than the video-game rides that let riders pretend they are on a stage of the Tour de France or a triathlon bike course.

Frequently asked questions: 
   What if I can't keep up? Not a problem. Nobody gets dropped on an indoor ride. If you reach your limit, just pedal easy for the balance of that up-tempo interval and then join in when you're ready.
   Do I need to know my heart rate or power zones? Yes. Not to worry. We will help you establish them.
   How will this help me become a better cyclist? As mentioned above, this isn't a spin class or a ride where the focus is on a video game. Throughout the sessions, Kinetic Motion's USAT and USA Cycling coaches will evaluate bike position, provide insights into cycling and racing technique, and explain many of the fundamentals of endurance training.
   Can you take advantage of other programs at the center? Yes. Our center offers an amazing range of coaching for endurance athletes, including winter strength training programs and much more.


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