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January 23:

The Indoor Ride Gets  Underway At Our New Center

WHEN: Tuesday, January 23
WHAT'S THE COST: $175 per 8-week, twice-weekly session
HOW DO I REGISTER: Click on the PayPal emblem at the bottom of this page
WHERE: 2152 Renard Court, Annapolis
WHERE ON EARTH IS THAT: Off General's Highway tucked behind the Bowling Alley

   Our indoor ride is a series of progressive build workouts (in other words, they get harder each week!). Though we respect spin classes, our rides are intended to prepare athletes to compete in triathlon and cycling. While they are plenty entertaining, our rides are more purpose-driven than the video-game rides that let riders pretend they are on a stage of the Tour de France or a triathlon bike course.
   The gym doors open at 6:15 p.m. Tuesday and 7 a.m. Saturday. The rides start at 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m.
   Bring your bike, a bike trainer, a beach towel or yoga mat to catch sweat beneath your bike, a hand towel to mop your brow, water bottles, a heart rate monitor and strap, your bike shoes.

Frequently asked questions: 
   What if I can't keep up? Not a problem. Nobody gets dropped on an indoor ride. If you reach your limit, just pedal easy for the balance of that up-tempo interval and then join in when you're ready.
   Do I need to know my heart rate or power zones? Yes. Not to worry. We will help you establish them.
   How will this help me become a better cyclist? As mentioned above, this isn't a spin class or a ride where the focus is on a video game. Throughout the sessions, Kinetic Motion's USAT and USA Cycling coaches will evaluate bike position, provide insights into cycling and racing technique, and explain many of the fundamentals of endurance training.
   Can you take advantage of other programs at the center? Yes. Our center offers an amazing range of coaching for endurance athletes, including winter strength training programs and much more.

Lake Placid Training Camp

Whether you're an old hand eager to experience the Lake Placid course, or tackling the distance for the first time, Kinetic Motion is ready to provide you with confidence and knowledge you'll need to get the most out of your race. We treat camp just as we do the athletes we coach, with an awareness that one size doesn't fit all. Everyone comes to camp with different needs and goals. 
Our camp goals are simple: Provide a solid training block for our athletes, share what we've learned over the years about Placid and about cycling and triathlon, and have a lot of fun. 


Three Days Of Swim, Bike And Run Coaching for just $289

    Travel, meals and lodging are at athlete's expense  

Click Here Get More Information or To Register 

 (Please Indicate "Placid Weekend" on the form.)      

For a video of our past camps, click here. 

We'll ride the bike course, do morning group swims, have afternoon runs, and provide lectures on a variety of topics. With several Ironman and USAT certified coaches on hand, we will work with you one-on-one. Uneasy about your swimming? Spend more time in the lake with our swim coach. Not confident about the six-mile-long down hill ride? Let's get over there and ride down it a few times. Heard about the "fearsome" three bears? We can practice riding them until they are cut down to size.

In addition to triathletes who are preparing to race Lake Placid, every year we have a group who are drawn to camp because they want to enjoy the training opportunity and, perhaps, just ride their bikes off the beaten trail. So, we may send a coach out to lead them on beautiful back-road rides while the rest of us were working with Placid racers. While we present a lot of options, we do have a camp structure. Here's an abbreviated version of the schedule.


   Arrive, meet your fellow campers and get settled in beautiful Lake Placid Wednesday evening.


     Swim early in Mirror Lake

    Breakfast lecture: Bike technique and the Placid course

    Morning Ride: First miles of the bike course and the "Three Bears."

    Afternoon run.

    Dinner: Jimmy's 21 a short walk down Main Street.


    Early swim with coaching evaluation.

    Breakfast lecture on open water swimming.

    Coached Bike Ride, divided into small groups. Evening swim.

    Dinner: Cookout at our camp headquarters.


    Bike Ride: Placid race course, sag supported.

    Lunch Lecture: Swim tactics, sighting, turning.

    Evening swim: Starting, passing, drafting.

    Dinner: Dancing Bears restaurant.


   Head back home (with plenty of great memories!).


                                                                                                                        Camp headquarters is in classic Adirondack Lodge just off Main Street and within walking distance of Mirror Lake, where we will be swimming, and in the midst of downtown shops and restaurants. We ride and run from there too, so you can park your car when you arrive and not need it again until it's time to head home. In addition to serving as the hub of our activities, the house can comfortably accommodate most of our athletes, is an easy walk to everything and is our gathering place for some meals, conversations about triathlon and cycling, and post workout relaxation. Though the headquarters house is nice, it's far from the only option for housing. It's minutes from both the cheap-but- comfortable hotels and from the higher-end inns.

      Our coaches:

      Ashley Halsey       USAT and USA Cycling Level 2 certified coach. Ironman and RRCA certified coach, 2-time IMLP finisher

      Bill Fader               USAT certified coach, Ironman competitor
       David Wendkos    USA Swimming certified coach, USA Masters Swimming certified coach, triathlon competitor
       Harry King             Ironman and USAT certified coach, Lake Placid finisher, certified coach for TRX and DVRT training
       Jeff Lancaster       Ironman certified coach, has finished the Ironman distance 11 multiple times, including Lake Placid 


Frequently Asked Questions About Kinetic Motion Rides

When are they? Saturday at 7 a.m.; Tuesday at 6 p.m.  There's also a recovery ride Thursday, a day after the Bike Doctor ride.

How far are they? On Tuesdays, a 24-27 mile loop; On Saturday, a basic 43-mile ride. As the season goes on, there are longer Saturday options.

How fast are they? It varies, but at some point during each ride the KM coaches will divide the group in half based on fitness and speed. No one gets dropped.

Where do they start? From the KM parking lot at 304B Harry Truman Blvd, Annapolis.

Are there cue sheets? Yes, we have them for the basic rides and for a variety of rides at other distances. You can find them all here:

Do you ever ride anywhere else? Yes. Though there also will be a ride from our training center on these Saturday mornings, we do scheduled 'road trips' some Saturdays. 

More questions? Just ask us!


Kinetic Motion Gear

 We're delighted to present this year's KM training and racing gear, produced by Pactimo, a global leader in high-quality clothing for cycling and triathlon. It's gear we've personally tested in years of training and racing. Both jerseys have full front zippers and feature a blue stripe down the center of the back. The stripe is broken by the KM logo in navy blue. The logo on the chest is repeated on the back of the shorts.

 Our store online store will reopen shortly and an exciting array of additional items that will be available.

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