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Kinetic Motion Coaching Unique is an overused word, but Kinetic Motion coaching is so different from other coaching that we're tempted to apply that word to what we do. For starters, we begin with a thorough analysis of your starting point. Are there bio-mechanical issues that might cause injury down the line? Are there nutritional issues holding you back? Does your bike fit you correctly? We put you on the path to success at the outset. 
   We don't believe in the traditional step ladder pricing that gives athletes more access to their coach if they pay much more. All of our athletes can email, call or visit as often as they like. We think more communication makes for better results. In addition to regular conversation with our online athletes, we also want to be there for those who live in the region for face-to-face consultation, to ride, run or swim with you and offer analysis of your progress and tips on improvement.
   We work with you to develop goals and stick with you so that you can achieve them. You receive a personal daily workout that spells out how to do it and includes tips to maximize your performance. It comes to you online each week, and there is a section for you to record your results and comments. Those remarks go directly to your coach when you hit the button. 
   Finally, when our athletes want to race in far away places, we will help with all your travel arrangements so that you get to the starting line anxiety free. 
   Start up includes bio-mechanical screening and an in-the-pool swim evaluation: $200
   Kinetic Motion Coaching: $175  per month
   Six-month package: $995
   Annual package: $1,965

Why use a coach?

Kinetic Motion Coaching  Everywhere you turn there are popular books, terrific videos and training plans by the dozens, so why use a Kinetic Motion coach? 
  The simple answer is that you are a unique athlete. The training approach that will match your needs and achieve your goals is unique too. 
  A Kinetic coach provides you with an individually tailored training plan that makes the most of the precious minutes you can devote to exercise each day. Our coaching provides the motivation, support and structure to help you accomplish more than you may think possible. We give you experienced feedback on your training and racing. And we measure your improvement through physiological and performance testing.
  If you're new to training or just returning to it after a hiatus, we will help you build powerful fitness base for the future. If you're an athlete ready to launch to a new plateau we can help you focus on developing the strengths that will carry you to the next level. We work with people of all speeds and abilities, not just with elite athletes who win all the medals.
   We work with people who want to lose weight, become fit and train without getting injured. Working with us may mean training fewer hours, not more, because each of your workouts becomes a more efficient use of your time. 
   Each weekly schedule is tailored to your lifestyle, understanding the demands of your career and the needs of your family. Effective coaching comes at a cost, but not in comparison to the money you may spend on sports gear and equipment, gym memberships, training books and videos, race fees and race travel. It is an investment in yourself that minimizes the risk that injury or over training will keep you from achieving your goals.
   Successful people in all walks of life Lee Iacocca, Bill Gates, Eleanor Roosevelt, Paul Newman, Vince Lombardi, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan - credit coaches and mentors for their success.
   Simply put, we can help you to a higher level of performance.
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