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Friday, March 19, 2010


There's plenty of safe parking outside Kinetic Motion's home in the EMC center on Riva Road.
Here are bike routes from the center parking lot through the countryside. When you click on a route, look left across the route toolbar and click on "show," and when the drop down window opens click on "cue sheet." You'll get a full cue sheet for the road, telling you where to make each turn. Print it out and take it along.
Please, remember we share the road with cars, potholes and all manner of debris. Be alert and be safe! (These routes take a couple of minutes to load. Click on the number below.)
17.1 miles
17.9 miles
20.2 miles
21.1 miles
22.7 miles
28.5 miles
33.8 miles
41.5 miles
43.9 miles
70.6 miles


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