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Monday, January 25, 2010


Many airlines are now charging fees for carrying any luggage. Most are charging $20.00 per bag. If you are planning a destination race and need to bring your bike, the costs of carrying a bike box vary on each airline. Also, many races organizations are offering to ship your bike for cost to its destination. If you have not made your 2010 travel plans yet, it may be worthy to look into the costs listed below while choosing your flights or choosing to ship your bike.

US Airways--$100.00 each way
Delta/Northwest--$175.00 each way plus a charge if over 50 lbs.
United--$175.00 each way
American Airlines--$150.00 each way
Continental--$100.00 each way plus $50.00 if over 50lbs.
Southwest--$50.00 each way
Air Canada--$75.00 each way, if it's additional bag $100.00 extra fee
Lufthansa--$150.00 each way, plus $250.00 if over 50lbs.
British Airways--$50.00 each way
Qantas--free if 140cm in length, 30cm in width, 80cm in height
Frontier--$75.00 each way, $75.00 if over 50lbs.
JetBlue--$75.00 each way, $50.00 if over 50lbs.

NOTE: an extra baggage fee may be charged if your bike box is in addition to an another bag.
UPS and Fedex prices vary depending on destination but can be quite pricey and risky if not packed correctly. Also, damage can incur more often during ground shipment.
Cheers, Kerri


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