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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Q: Am I cheating if I use a pull-buoy all of the time?
A: Certain training equipment is recommended for swimmers: fins, a pull buoy, a kick board and sometimes, swim paddles. All of these "toys" are supplements to your workout. None of these should be relied upon for your full workout. Pull buoys are excellent tools for helping your body achieve a more streamlined position. Many men have difficulty keeping their hips up due to low buoyancy. And quite often, one reason swimmers have trouble keeping their hips up is that their head position is too high. You can mechanically control your body position by dropping your head/chest position and raising your hips without the use of the buoy. The buoy will help you get the idea of what proper position feels like. Adjust your head and chest position down. This should lift your hips up toward the surface. Get the feel with the pull buoy, then mimic this position without the buoy.

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