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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blazing Ring O' Fire

The days keep ticking by, and it just gets better and better.

Yesterday was Freedom Day.

Three months after the crash, the day when the Doc said it was okay to "resume doing whatever you want, only try to not fall down, okay?"

I celebrated with a 77-mile ride on the Eastern Shore. (It was supposed to be a tad shorter than that, but I got lost.)

It got to be a little more of a workout when the wind sprang up. My shoulder hasn't been ready to get me down to the aerobars, so I was standing tall in the saddle like a Civil War general in bronze.

Something had to change there, so I put the TT bike on the trainer tonight and dropped down for 30 long minutes on the aerobars.

It felt like getting stretched on the rack, a burning ring of fire from the elbow right up through the shoulder.The neck needs to get its act together too, but, heck, we've got seven days until it's time to cozy up to the starting line.

Piece o' cake.



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