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Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's A Way of Life, How Can I Not Comeback?

Last fall I got a call from a New York public relations firm that was working with the 70.3 World Championship. They were publicizing a "comeback athlete" from each of the 50 states to get a little hometown exposure for the race. Based on the hip-smashing crash while bike racing a year earlier, I was their choice for Maryland. Would I help out? Would I do a television interview and authorize a press release for the Maryland media? I gulped and said okay. Out of curiosity, I asked who the other 50 athletes were and she told me about the guy from Virginia -- a Marine who'd lost both legs to an explosion in Iraq. It was humbling. Please send the reporters to talk with him, I suggested, He deserved the attention. All I'd done was crash while having fun. I was fine now. He risked his life and almost lost it. Now, he was competing without legs. Six months and another mishap later my neck x-ray is on the cover of Triathlon Life, and inside there is an article on bouncing back from injury, by the talented Annapolis writer Tom Slear. Again, I am humbled to be mentioned in the same piece as two athletes who have overcome so much more than I. All I did this time was crash after getting cutoff on the road. As I've said in an earlier posting -- and this applies to life in the most cosmic sense:

Anybody can fall down, it's how you get up again that matters.
Cheers, Ashley
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