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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Armor's Off

The last of the armor came off this week. I feel near naked without the sling, the plastic wrist/hand splint and the neck brace.
At a casual glance I look pretty normal.
Of course, I've been experiencing this great adventure from the inside, so outward appearance doesn't figure much in my equation. Being shed of the last of the hardware had an interesting twist, and that's what leads me to call it armor.
I realized that all of that protective gear does more that shield the body from harm while it heals. It also protects the mind from the full reality of how badly the body is broken.
You can't move an arm while it's in a sling. You can't grasp a pencil with a hand in a splint. You can't glance sideways in a neck brace.
When all that stuff comes off you expect life to return to normal, only to discover that fresh from the sling, that arm doesn't work. Free of the splint, those fingers don't bend and the wrist doesn't turn. And the neck has lost its ability to swivel.
In time it all will return. But for more than two months, all I had to do was clunk around in my armor. Now that it's gone, the real work begins.
Enough with the musings. I've got to go flap my arms for a while.

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