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Friday, February 1, 2008

The Morphine Haze

I should have written something already, but the process keeps promosing some window of insight that it has yet to serve up.
These thoughts aren't yet fully formed, but I pondered why we challenge ourselves through sport, why we set goals, test our limits and confront adversity. We, through good fortune, don't awake each morning needing to fight to survive another day, so we test our worthiness by choice. There is nothing particularly original about that observation. What has surprised me through the past two weeks has been how much that process of self-challenge prepared me to face a genuine ordeal. And it has deepened my appreciation for the courage with which so As to the physical part of it, the nuerosurgeon has cleared the orthopedic surgeon (a fellow triathlete) to go in to repair the shoulder separation next week. After that I'm into full-mend mode. My long-time PT is plotting with the doctors, and my coach is on board..... so I'm not going to let this take me down.
The memory of those hours when I wondered if I'd ever have sensation below the neck will motivate me when I hear my coach shout near the finish line, "Just pass three more guys!"
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