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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dorks and "wankers," Italian style

Hello from Rimini. I am, as they say in mobster movies and cop speak, all "lawyered up," so on advice of counsel I can't write about why I'm here. Our secret, okay?
We made ourself the laughing stock of Rimini today. We decided to set out to tour the old part on this beach town/fishing port on bicycles provided by the hotel. They were a pair of old yellow cruisers. Vintage 1950 girls bikes with racks on the front and back. Kerri, citing recent history, insisted that we wear our aero helmets! Given that history it was hard for me to wage a good argument against, so off we went looking the two biggest dorks in Europe. Everyone here bikes. Old ladies balancing two shopping bags on their handlebars, old men on giant tricycles, women in skirts and impossible high-heels. Bikes all over. Not a soul wearing a helmet. I'm drafting on a 90-year-old so slowly that only my five-inch wide tires kept me from falling over. I'm wearing an aero helmet! Not one Italian crack a smile.
Then a bunch of folks from the New Zealand team asked us to pose for pictures in aero position on these ancient bikes. "You look like a couple of wankers," the guy told me.


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