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Friday, July 25, 2008

Accidental musing

In the last five years I've been in five noteworthy accidents, none of which was remotely my fault (honest).
A Sherwin-Williams paint van decided to take a right turn from the center lane on New York Avenue one morning when I was driving to work in the right lane.
A contractor for Comcast rear-ended me (and got walloped from behind himself by a tractor trailer) when I was stopped for a red light on Route Three.
A cyclist who miscalculated (I'm being kind here) crashed into our lead pack of six on the last lap of a bike race, taking three or four of us down.
A catering delivery truck driver gunned it when the light changed on Rhode Island Avenue, oblivious to the fact that I was in front her.
A guy intent on finding an address turned without warning into the path of my bike, causing me to crash.
Five incidents. Three times I was driving, twice I was riding.
About once a week somebody says, "You're not riding that bike again, are you?"
Nobody ever asks if I've resumed driving.
Yet my 33-mile commute into Washington is a whole lot more dangerous than anything I've ever done on a bicycle.


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