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Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's A Way of Life, How Can I Not Comeback?

Last fall I got a call from a New York public relations firm that was working with the 70.3 World Championship. They were publicizing a "comeback athlete" from each of the 50 states to get a little hometown exposure for the race. Based on the hip-smashing crash while bike racing a year earlier, I was their choice for Maryland. Would I help out? Would I do a television interview and authorize a press release for the Maryland media? I gulped and said okay. Out of curiosity, I asked who the other 50 athletes were and she told me about the guy from Virginia -- a Marine who'd lost both legs to an explosion in Iraq. It was humbling. Please send the reporters to talk with him, I suggested, He deserved the attention. All I'd done was crash while having fun. I was fine now. He risked his life and almost lost it. Now, he was competing without legs. Six months and another mishap later my neck x-ray is on the cover of Triathlon Life, and inside there is an article on bouncing back from injury, by the talented Annapolis writer Tom Slear. Again, I am humbled to be mentioned in the same piece as two athletes who have overcome so much more than I. All I did this time was crash after getting cutoff on the road. As I've said in an earlier posting -- and this applies to life in the most cosmic sense:

Anybody can fall down, it's how you get up again that matters.
Cheers, Ashley


Anonymous Peter David said...

Thirty years since the Germantown Courier and you still have that same cheesy mustache...

--Peter David

April 16, 2008 4:45 AM  

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