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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's A Lot Like Race Day

I'm off to the hospital shortly for shoulder surgery. They're going to install that cute thing with the button that you can find below. I probably won't be able to blog for a while afterwards. It's just two-hands per customer in this world, and both of mine will be in bandages.
I woke up this morning visualizing, just like race day. So much of what we learn as athletes has every-day application, and I've found it particularly useful during this not-so-every-day experience of the past few weeks. In the early days I worked to hold focus, to maintain forward momentum and to fend off the haunting doubts and fears that kept demanding center ring in the circus of my whirling brain.
Today I began my visualization with an image of myself returned home to my bed afterward. Then I returned to the present and worked through each step of the day, envisioning each transition and picturing the day's "course." I focused on the one part to which I don't look forward -- a little tricky, the surgeon said, but nothng in comparison to where I was three weeks ago -- and saw myself focused and easing through it (I'll be awake for it, sorta).
And then I'm in the recovery room, and then I'm home.
Piece of cake!


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